April 28, 2020
Military Community and Family Policy

Non-DOD Agency Seeks Confidential Input from Survivors Who Experienced Domestic Abuse as a Military service Member, Spouse or Intimate Partner

Have you experienced domestic abuse as a military service member, spouse or intimate partner?

If so, the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) — a federal agency that conducts independent, nonpartisan reviews for Congress — would like to talk to you confidentially by phone, whether you have reported the abuse or not.

We would like to hear from domestic abuse survivors who have personally experienced domestic abuse (including neglect or physical, emotional or sexual abuse) while on active duty in the Army, Marine Corps, Navy or Air Force or as a spouse or intimate partner of an active duty military member, at any time after September 2014.

The Department of Defense defines an intimate partner as someone who has a child in common with the abuser or shares or has shared a home. Romantic partners who do not fit those criteria will not be included in these interviews.

We would like to hear your perspectives on what resources and services you have had access to, or any barriers you have encountered as a survivor who experienced domestic abuse as a military service member, spouse or intimate partner.

However, we cannot discuss any open law enforcement or legal investigations.

All conversations will be confidential, and we will not report any information that will identify you or anyone else you discuss. Nor will we ask you to describe details of the abuse.

You may choose to speak with either a female or male member of GAO’s staff and can specify your preference on our confidential survey response line.

For more information or to schedule your confidential conversation, please call GAO at 833-919-0680 or email Survivor2020@gao.gov.

Any contact information you provide will only be used only to make contact with you at your request, and will not be distributed to anyone for any other purpose.